Jueves 18 de Agosto de 2022
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Business Management.
We take care of your tasks and it management and it your finances.

Actually business world demand to be on the front line to permanently support business developments from our customers, giving new knowledge, experiences and tools to facilitate them core business, administrative, commercial and operational tasks.

In short, we are part of the customer organization, acting as an integral part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
Financial Statements Audit
On a more global business world, today IFRS is a key on the financial statement developments and proposals from the companies.

We accurate examine the financial statements from our customers to deliver an independent professional opinion.
Control, Acounting, Reporting
Nowadays, is crucial to count with updated finance information, that must be relied on a credible data and periodically returned to the organization directors, with analysis of results and main financial and business management indicators variations.
Human Resources, Salary Social Security
Full compliance of the effective legislation and internal policies from every company, represent some of the goals that we can say on this activities development.

Every task is developed under a full and complete register between worker and employer agreements.
Advisory and Tax Management
Today world business, that permanently cross boundaries, need to improve their performance in full compliance with tax legislation on every country.

Our staff has the skills and experience to support this process and achieve proposed goals, with high security and professional ethic levels.
Transfer Pricing
Transfer Pricing Studies.

IRS audit process advisory on transfer pricing.

Permanent advisory on transfer pricing relevant subjects.
Due Dilligence
Trade law analysis.

Business analysis.

Finance analysis.

Fiscal policy analysis.

Other issues analysis.